The Missouri Conservation Agents’ Association (MCAA) was originally founded in 1975. There are currently 151 uniformed members all of whom are certified peace officers in the state of Missouri. The MCAA is a professional organization of Conservation Agents.

The MCAA is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote effective enforcement of the Missouri Wildlife Code and related statutes. The MCAA provides for the common welfare, mutual benefit and protection of its members.

The mission of the MCAA is to promote and enhance the protection and enjoyment of Missouri’s fish, forest and wildlife resources by providing education, professional development, mutual benefit and representation for Missouri Citizens, Conservation Agents and their families.

Cancer Benefit Fund – Cpl. Michael Collins

Recently, Stoddard County Conservation Agent Michael Collins was diagnosed with cancer. To assist and support Michael with his fight, a benefit account has been created through the Conservation Employees’ Credit Union. 

All donations go directly to Michael to assist him with the mounting financial burden of battling cancer. Any inquiries about assistance can be directed to Cpl. Andrew Mothershead at (573) 380-2578 or Cpl. Brian Shelton at (573) 757-8357.

How to donate and more information: Michael Collins Cancer Benefit Fund

WARNING: SCAM ALERT! It has come to our attention that individuals are being targeted by fraudulent calls from someone posing as an “officer or agent” representing MDC. These scammers are requesting credit card donations.

Please be aware that agents will NEVER reach out to you soliciting funds. If you believe you have fallen victim to this scam, we urge you to immediately report the incident to your local law enforcement. We take this matter seriously and want to ensure your safety. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from these deceitful tactics. Your security is our top priority.